YOUTH WORSHIP ARTS                                                                      Ph. 817-386-9200

Our Vision: We are committed to impacting the lives of the youth by helping them experience the truth of God’s Word as it is presented in the form of silent drama.

Our Focus: God! This is all for the glory of God. The skits we do, however silly or serious, are to give God the ultimate glory. Thus, the Youth Drama Ministry is not for us to show off our skills or to merely entertain people. It is to use the talents God has given us to encourage the body of Christ, and to further His kingdom.



"Body for Christ" is a team of believers who use our entire body to worship and glorify God! We use movement, spoken word and music in a variety of mediums and platforms to create an atmosphere where God's anointing flows freely and His Spirit is in control. Our team is collaborative and inclusive.  We desire for God to use us as vessels of ministry and instruments of praise! Because of the independent nature of this team, consistent spiritual growth and maturation is required. Our youngest members are transitioning to young adulthood and are being mentored by our adult members in kingdom service.


We do collaborate with "Hands of Judah" for joint opportunities to minister. HOJ sign team ministry is for teens to young adults who desire to worship the Lord in ALL the ways that He has given us to praise Him!

And last but not least "Little Palms of Judah" is our youngest team of preschool to school aged children who are learning to praise God and use their bodies as instruments of worship!

You can view our videos on YouTube.  Just click the picture!