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Thank you for your interest in us. We are happy you are looking for a church to visit, and we invite you to join us in a worship service or Bible study. First Church of Fort Worth is a place where new friendships are established and a fresh start in your life can begin, through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ! Within this site you will find helpful information about First Church, and the many ministries you can get involved in! Take some time to browse around and you will discover the many opportunities God has to offer!



Church should be an enjoyable experience, so our services are energetic and upbeat. We've designed our services with music that's inspiring and meaningful, messages that speak true-to-life, and an environment that is comfortable. As a matter of fact, this may not be what you would expect when you enter an Apostolic church on Sunday. Our goal here at First Church is to help you feel at home.


We want you to feel comfortable. After all, we are thrilled that you're joining us and want you to be more focused on the service than what you're wearing. We encourage people to dress comfortably. For some, that may mean dressing up, but for most it simply means wearing comfortable, casual clothes.


WHEN YOU ARRIVE.                                                 WHO ARE WE?  


As you can see in the picture, we have three (3) Handicap spaces available right up front. Along the side of the church, you will notice a few signs that reserve those spaces for you, the guest. In the event the parking lot is full, additional parking is available along the street to the side of the Church building. Sidewalks are available from there to the front door. However, there is no handicap access from the street to the sidewalk. If you need assistance, please find an Usher or Greeter inside to help you.


We have two doors that open wide enough for wheelchairs and scooters. The doors open out towards you as you enter. Someone will be there to help you as you enter. You will be greeted by an Usher or our Hostess, or Greeter. If this is your first visit with us, they will ask you for a small bit of information, so that we may have a record of your visit.


This is a partial view from the back of the 150 seat Worship Center. After meeting our Hostess, an Usher brings you into the area, and may escort you to a few seats, or allow you to seat yourself. If it is crowded, be assured that an Usher will make room for you and your Family to be comfortably seated together. Should you need wheelchair access, this, too will be provided by the Usher.


Worship - defined sometimes as the act of showing respect and love for God, especially by praying with other people who believe in the same God. It's also been understood to mean surrendering to God; humbling ourselves so that He can change us and bring Himself closer to us. We have vibrant, upbeat worship music and Bible-based teaching every service.